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Round 9 F1 driver power rankings: The topsy-turvy ten strike again

As soon as you think there is some consistency in the power rankings, a race like Montreal happens and throws about twenty spanners in the works. And that’s what we like right?

Before we find out how the spanners have changed the top ten this round, the disclaimer you know is coming. You know the drill, these are all subjective and based mainly on my (incredibly smart) opinion mixed with form and on-track results, meaning it is a generally subjective list that holds no real weight except for the large basis of fact I like to think I can generate.

So with that over with, let’s move into the rankings!

10. Daniel Ricciardo (new)

A great weekend for Dan in which was a much needed boost to his chances to staying on the grid in 2025. Seemingly unlucky to get pinned for a false start that seemed very marginal, but kept his head in it to secure his first points for 2024 in a proper race.

9. Pierre Gasly (+1)

More points for Gasly in another solid effort. Those issues at the start of the season seem a long time ago now don’t they?

8. Lance Stroll (new)

Lance loves his home race and once again points came to him in Montreal. It was a pretty invisible race for him, as he remained patient behind both RB’s throughout various stages of the race before ultimately getting ahead of both to finish in seventh.

(Photo by The Drive)

7. Fernando Alonso (new)

As with Stroll, it was seemingly an invisible race for Alonso. However, it was a very solid race by him, as he kept out of trouble and his eyes on the job to help the team to some solid points.

6. Lewis Hamilton (+2)

Was well off his teammate on the Saturday but nearly on the podium on Sunday at a circuit he loves. A great effort by Lewis as he shows he still hasn’t lost any of his speed.

5. George Russell (+2)

A great weekend by George. Pole on Saturday and then a solid showing on Sunday. Still making those mistakes when under pressure that he needs to work on, but a deserved podium for the Brit.

(Photo by BBC)

4. Oscar Piastri (-)

Another race you can’t help but just feel bad for Oscar. Showed great pace across the weekend and was right up there with Norris. But ultimately it didn’t pay off for him as he fell behind the Mercedes drivers in the race.

3. Charles Leclerc (-1)

How quickly things turn. Two weeks ago he was the toast of the F1 world and topping these power rankings. Now he is pointless and has Norris breathing down his neck in the Drivers’ Championship. F1 is a cruel beast.

2. Lando Norris (+1)

Got lucky with the safety car and his win in Miami. This time the safety car cost him a win as he had to settle for second. A mature Norris accepted this after the race, and he’ll still leave Montreal happy with another podium.

1. Max Verstappen (+1)

Won a race that many didn’t think was possible heading into Montreal given the characteristics of the track weren’t set to suit this year’s Red Bull. Missed out on pole only by the fact that he set his time after Russell, and then drove a very calm race in a car that still is playing tricks on him. Once again look how far ahead he is of his teammate to show just how incredible this drive was by Max. A solid win that was very well deserved.

What do you think of this list? Which order would you currently rank the drivers in? Let me know your thoughts below!


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