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Since 2004, I have grown a passion and addiction for all things broadcast media throughout both radio & podcasting. In this time, I have hosted over 3500 radio & podcast episodes and interviewed close to 2000 guests. There is nothing that makes me happier in life than sitting in front of a microphone and talking.

During my time at Hobart's Edge Radio between 2004 & 2017, I hosted five different radio shows. My main show, The Brink, aired between 2006 & 2015 and was the station's flagship breakfast show. The show was a cult favourite in the competitive Hobart radio market, and on the show I interviewed everybody from Prince Charles through to three different Australian Prime Ministers.

Outside of The Brink I hosted Australia's only Formula 1 radio show at the time, Australia's only Survivor radio show to have ever existed and an adults only show that was equal parts risqué and educational. My final show on Edge Radio was a lunchtime entertainment show that took several elements of The Brink and turned it into something fresh.

Between 2018 & 2020 I hosted The Ben & Mal Variety Hour on Radio Southland in Invercargill, New Zealand. The show was one of the station's only live radio shows and gained a strong local following. Its popularity also saw it being syndicated across the North Island of the country.

My first foray into podcasting came in 2011 when I formed Australia's only Survivor podcast, Survivor Oz. In 2017 the show was rebranded as a TV & Movies podcast called The Oz Network.  It is one of six current podcasts that I host, the others being Double Oz Seven (a podcast on James Bond), EurOzvision (a podcast on Eurovision), The Brink (the re-branded podcast based on my former radio show of the same name), Australian Survivor Archives (a podcast on the history of Australian Survivor) and Off The Podium (a podcast about the Olympics). 

Previous podcasts I have hosted include The Qualifying Lap, Australia's first ever Formula 1 podcast, and a daily news podcast for The Capital Daily, an in-depth and longform journalism website based in Victoria, Canada. As the inaugural host of the podcast, I was responsible in delivering daily news to thousands of Canadians, with the show consistently charting as one of the top 20 news podcasts in the country.

My podcasts have received several honours over the years, including:

- Sports Podcast Awards winner for the 'Best Olympic & Paralympic Podcast' (2021 for Off The Podium)

- Best International Website at the Czech & Slovak Reality Awards (2013 & 2014 for Survivor Oz)

- Australian Podcast Awards nominee for the 'Creativity Award' (2021 for Off The Podium) 

- New York Times '6 Olympic Podcasts to Whet Your Appetite for the Olympics' (2021 for Off The Podium)

- #4 on the 'Best 30 Olympics Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021' by Feedspot (2021 for Off The Podium)

Throughout both my broadcasting career I have also served as a play-by-play commentator for several sports. 


I was dubbed 'the voice of ice hockey in Tasmania' during my time as play-by-play commentator for the Tasmanian Ice Hockey League between 2011 and 2017 and served as the colour commentator for the Peninsula Panthers in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League for Hockey TV during the 2020-21 season. Added to this I hosted and commentated Edge Radio's live coverage of the 2014 KFC Big Bash cricket.

I also served as the first ever audio producer for the A-Leagues in Australia. In this role I created & produced a large variety of different podcasts through the KEEPUP audio network, which was the first of its kind in any major sporting league in the country.

My love and passion for all things broadcasting is accentuated throughout my career in the industry. Seriously, I love talking. A lot. And this is reflected through my enthusiasm and passion for every broadcast that I have ever been involved in.


To find out just how much I love talking, check out some examples of my work below.  

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