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I'm an outgoing, committed and passionate radio/podcast host, journalist, voiceover artist & event MC who has been working in the media industry since 2004.

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I was born and raised in Hobart, Australia where I spent a large portion of my childhood and adolescence watching a variety of sports and entertainment shows dreaming of the day that I too could do the same as my some of my idols such as Murray Walker and Bruce McAvaney. My constant impersonations of them, as well as my mock interviews with people, would both annoy and delight my family and friends.

I was able to put this passion into practice for the first time while studying journalism at Elizabeth College as a 17-year-old when I was among the first selected to host the school's weekly radio show on Edge Radio. After my first ever show, I was hand selected by the manager to stay on at the station and remained there hosting a variety of different shows for 13 years.

I graduated from Elizabeth College in 2005 with the prestigious Dux of media studies, as well as placing second overall for the same award in journalism. I then attended the University of Tasmania where I graduated with a degree in journalism and film studies in 2011.

Since then I have gone on to work in a variety of positions in the media industry in three different countries, which have included roles in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, sports commentary and major international sporting events & leagues. Throughout my career I have been recognised through a variety of awards, as well as being a finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards and the Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards and selected to run with the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton.

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I am an extremely passionate and outgoing individual, and my addictive and energetic personality has helped serve me exceptionally well throughout my career. My love for the media industry continues to grow every single day, and my enthusiasm and commitment to putting out content for everybody to enjoy never waivers.

My goal is to always entertain and inform and provide people with the unique Ben Waterworth experience that can't be found anywhere else. Oh...and also find out about your toilet paper folding habits. Because it's my job to ask the important questions right? You're welcome world. 

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