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Round 7 F1 team power rankings: McLaren inches closer to Red Bull

Another race is done and another race of intriguing team power rankings is upon us.

Firstly, the usual disclaimer. You know the drill, these are all subjective and based mainly on my (incredibly smart) opinion mixed with form and on-track results, meaning it is a generally subjective list that holds no real weight except for the large basis of fact I like to think I can generate.

So with that in mind, let’s get to the rankings!

10. Williams (-)

Williams really are nowhere right now aren’t they? Alex Albon had a decent qualifying but a terrible race, and Logan Sargeant was just there to make up the numbers. They look incredibly far off scoring a point right now.

9. Kick Sauber (-)

Similar to Williams in that they’re just kind of there at the moment, they at least had a bit of a decent showing from Valtteri Bottas in the early part of the race before dropping back. Audi can’t come soon enough for the team.

(Photo by Sauber Group)

8. Alpine (-)

Wanted to move them up a place given the pace they had across the weekend but they ultimately were beaten by Haas in the race, so therefore they must remain behind them.

7. Haas (-)

Looked good for a sneaky point but it wasn’t to be for them in the end. Some great pace from Nico Hulkenberg once again in qualifying helped them out when it came to sticking to this position.

6. Aston Martin (-1)

Upgrades to the car really did nothing for them in Imola, and it took a great drive from Lance Stroll to get them a couple of points. Hopefully the planned additional upgrades will help them back into the top five of these rankings soon.

5. RB (+1)

Both cars into Q3 on Saturday and then one car in the points on Sunday. RB is doing well at the moment to lead the midfield and is starting to bring home the points. Some good signs for the team moving forward.

4. Mercedes (-)

Double points are the best they could hope for at the end of the day, and they beat a Red Bull so that too was a shining light. Other than that, they really just continue to float around behind the top three but ahead of the bottom six.

(Photo by

3. Ferrari (-)

It could’ve been better, and it could’ve been worse. A podium for Charles Leclerc gave the Tifosi something to cheer about, but ultimately they couldn’t quite bring the pace they were expecting to challenge for anything more. Need to hang on to McLaren a bit more otherwise they risk slipping back even further.

2. McLaren (-)

So tempted to put them at number one, but just couldn’t do it. Oscar Piastri for sure would’ve been on the podium had he not suffered his penalty on the Saturday, and Lando Norris for sure would’ve won his second race had there been a couple more laps in the race. Keep this form up though and they won’t be number two for much longer.

1. Red Bull (-)

A masterclass drive by Max Verstappen helps them hold on to the top spot, although worrying signs are creeping in again for Sergio Perez as his early season form is seemingly creeping away again. The next few races will be crucial for them to maintain their grip on both titles in 2024.

What do you think of this list? Which order would you currently rank the teams in? Let me know your thoughts below!


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