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Round 6 F1 driver power rankings: Norris trumps all to rise the rankings

Lando Norris wins a race! Finally! But does that mean he rises in the power rankings?

Before we get to those, the disclaimer remains the same here as it does for the teams. You know the drill, these are all subjective and based mainly on my (incredibly smart) opinion mixed with form and on-track results, meaning it is a generally subjective list that holds no real weight except for the large basis of fact I like to think I can generate.

So with that in mind, let’s get to the rankings!

10. Fernando Alonso (-2)

Drove a strong race on the Sunday to get a point after a poor qualifying on Saturday. Not much to sing home about overall for him or the team in Miami.

9. Daniel Ricciardo (new)

The star of the sprint race, Dan showed that he has not lost any of his skill. Unlucky in qualifying that always put him on the back foot for Sunday, but still managed to finish 15th after starting last. That was 3 more places gained than teammate Tsunoda in the race.

(Photo by SBNation)

8. Yuki Tsunoda (new)

On a weekend in which his teammate had the measure of him for the most part, he still was able to score points in both the sprint and main race. That’s all he needs to keep doing if the rise of Ricciardo is to continue.

7. Nico Hulkenberg (-1)

Missed out on a point in the main race by just over a second but secured two of them in the sprint, making it another successful weekend for the soon to be Audi driver.

6. Oscar Piastri (+1)

Could’ve won the race on Sunday had the safety car not come out when it did. Was in absolute top form during the race and this has been overshadowed by the fact his teammate went on to win. Now that Norris has broken his duck, Piastri won’t be far behind.

5. Sergio Perez (-)

A real nothing weekend for Sergio. A sprint podium on the Saturday and a fourth on the Sunday (that was only given to him after a penalty to Sainz) isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but he looked nowhere near the pace of his teammate and was soundly beaten by Leclerc in both races and then Norris as well on the Sunday. Could’ve been worse, but not sound based off his ability.

4. Carlos Sainz (-1)

The great thing about Carlos is that even when he isn’t starring and making headlines like he did earlier in the year, he is still consistent and strong enough that he is bringing home very solid points. Yes he had a bit of a messy moment with Piastri on the Sunday that dropped him down a spot, but it was still a solid result for the Spaniard overall.

3. Charles Leclerc (-1)

It’s harsh to drop down a driver who actually had a great weekend, but that’s what happens when your biggest rival on this list has a better weekend. Second on Saturday, third on Sunday. Solid for Charles overall.

(Photo by Monaco Tribune)

2. Lando Norris (+2)

Finally, a race winner. It was a long time coming but a moment we all knew would happen eventually. It was lucky for sure, but the pace in which he showed after the safety car went in only justified his position out front and secured what may be the most popular win of the season.

1. Max Verstappen (-)

The great thing about Max Verstappen is that even when he loses a race, he is still very happy with his performance. This is a man who has annihilated everyone for the last 24 months and you would expect to be disappointed when beaten soundly on track for the first time in forever. But he was all smiles and happy to celebrate with his good friend Norris after the race for his first win. There’s no doubting that Verstappen is becoming more and more likeable, just as he is becoming more and more dominant.

What do you think of this list? Which order would you currently rank the drivers in? Let me know your thoughts below!


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