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Round 10 F1 team power rankings: McLaren on the move again

It’s that time to get into the nitty gritty of the F1 world by bringing you the latest edition of my F1 team power rankings after the British Grand Prix!

Of course that means the simple disclaimer I put before each of these has to come. With any power rankings, these are subjective and based purely on opinion mixed with results.

Are these 100 per cent accurate? Inside my mind, yes! Outside of it, no. But it’s a nice way to spark some discussion, showcase some form and allow a conversation that brings F1 fans closer together – and maybe also further apart at the same time.

Fun, right? Always!

You can also check out my driver power rankings too for a similar analysis.

Let’s get to it.

10. AlphaTauri (-)

Well at least they’ll have an exciting and marketable driver for the next race to try and pave over the cracks that is their pace right now…

9. Alfa Romeo (-3)

Got some publicity from the whole Cara Delevingne situation with Martin Brundle. That’s good, right?

(Photo by

8. Haas (-)

Once again some great qualifying pace was not backed up in the race. A real shame for them and hopefully they’ll be able to change that soon.

7. Williams (+2)

Amazing pace from them all weekend sees them vault a couple of places. A great eighth place for Alex Albon and an unfortunate 11th for Logan Sargeant who should’ve been in the points for the first time this season. A great weekend at home for the Grove team.

6. Alpine (-1)

A couple of races ago they were looking most likely to challenge Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes in the ‘best of the rest’ field, now they have dropped back towards the ever improving Williams. However there was a lot of bad luck around them in the race, and we are in Hungary next which is a circuit that should suit them better. So not all is lost.

5. Ferrari (-1)

A great weekend in Austria wasn’t repeated in Britain. Strategy once again played a key role in their lowly points finish, although the safety car didn’t exactly help them either.

4. Aston Martin (-1)

Easily the worst weekend of the year for Aston Martin so far, their level of consistency in 2023 helps them maintain their position in the top 5.

(Photo by TheRace)

3. McLaren (+4)

One race shouldn’t make a team jump right up high but it’s hard to ignore them after their stunning turnaround in form in Silverstone. Hopefully for them, it’ll continue moving forward and won’t be a once off.

2. Mercedes (-)

On paper and data alone they’re not the second-best team but they have easily been the most consistent of the ‘best of the rest’ teams behind Red Bull. For that, they maintain second.

1. Red Bull (-)

Another race, another win. Honestly they could have both cars retire from the next five races and they’d still be top of this list.

What do you think of these rankings? Do you agree with the positions? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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