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Round 10 F1 driver power rankings: Norris v Verstappen and the battle of 2024

Another strong performance by Lando Norris was trumped at the death by another strong performance by Max Verstappen. But will that change things at the top of the driver power rankings?

Before we find out, let's get the disclaimer out of the way. You know the drill, these are all subjective and based mainly on my (incredibly smart) opinion mixed with form and on-track results, meaning it is a generally subjective list that holds no real weight except for the large basis of fact I like to think I can generate.

So with that over with, let’s move into the rankings!

10. Nico Hulkenberg (new)

He’s been missing from the top ten for a few rounds now but he’s back based on the continued consistency and the lack of it by those around him. Still remains a very solid year for the Hulk.

9. Esteban Ocon (new)

Without a drive for 2025, Esteban is doing what he can to prove he still deserves a seat on the grid. A solid result to bring home a point.

8. Pierre Gasly (+2)

After seeming like the unhappiest man in the world in the first few races this season, Pierre is looking a little cheerier now that the team continues to improve. Hopefully things will keep going that way to give him hope for the team moving forward.

(Photo by SBNation)

7. Oscar Piastri (-2)

A rare off weekend for Oscar who looked nowhere near the pace of his teammate all weekend. Six points still, so he’ll take that.

6. Carlos Sainz (new)

Seems odd that Carlos was missing last round and now is back. But he is, and after a fairly unspectacular home race, he finishes on this list just where he did on track as well. A bit spicy with his teammate? You love to see it.

5. Charles Leclerc (-2)

Didn’t look likely to get anywhere near the podium in another bad weekend for Ferrari. Has it really been that long since Monaco?

4. Lewis Hamilton (+2)

A podium! Great to see Lewis back in the top three after a very solid weekend by him. Let’s hope he can continue that form in a couple of weeks at his home race in Silverstone.

(Photo by Formula 1)

3. George Russell (+2)

Can we just talk about his start again? Seriously incredible. Unlucky to not finish on the podium but still drove a solid race for a solid fourth.

2. Lando Norris (-)

You know things have come a long way when he is upset about not winning a race and finishing second, rather than being happy for finishing on the podium. That’s a good thing of course, and only promising for Lando and McLaren fans.

1. Max Verstappen (-)

Continues to just find whatever he can from the car to continue to dominate. Yeah, it’s closer behind him, but that’s like saying the 1996 SuperSonics were close to the 1996 Bulls. It’s just a different league.

What do you think of this list? Which order would you currently rank the drivers in? Let me know your thoughts below!


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