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Eliminated MasterChef hopeful Kristina Short retains her passion for cooking

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

TASMANIAN MasterChef contestant Kristina Short hopes to use her experience on the TDT reality show as a platform for a career within the cooking industry.

The 28-year-old former customer service manager from Mt Stuart was eliminated on Monday night after struggling with the dessert challenge set to her by former contestant Kylie Millar.

The toffee apple challenge included 14 different elements and 28 steps and featured a salted caramel gelato, shards of sugar with white chocolate-covered spheres filled with caramel mousse and apple gel.

“Going up against Ashley who is just amazing at desserts and Rose who’s been through so many pressure tests and eliminations I was really going to be up against it,” she told the Mercury.

Ms Short admitted desserts were not her speciality and working to a recipe also proved a challenge for her.

“I don’t usually follow a recipe so I was very focused on getting every step down to the letter which I think was possibly my undoing being so pedantic about following the recipe,” she explained.


Kristina Short is passionate about a future in the cooking industry. Picture: Martin Philbey

An emotional Ms Short on Monday’s episode said the past year had been the “best one without a doubt” and the elimination had left her ”devastated”.

Since her time on the show she has spent time working at the Westend Pumphouse and currently is taking time away from cooking by doing bar work at Waterman’s in Salamanca.

“I definitely want to cook,” Ms Short said. “That’s my passion and I want to pursue it. [I] just have to take a bit of time after the whirlwind of MasterChef and consider what I’m going to be doing.”

With her elimination, only two Tasmanian contestants remain in the seventh season of the reality juggernaut with Launceston-based Amy Luttrell and Tasmanian-born Jamie Ward still battling it out.

This article was originally written for The Mercury. You can read the published version here

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