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American F1 driver opens up on 'Loscar' bromance with Oscar Piastri

While Logan Sargeant was the talk of the Formula 1 world in Melbourne due to his cruel benching from Williams, his connection to Aussie favourite Oscar Piastri and their bromance was also a topic of discussion.

The pair, dubbed ‘Loscar’, rose through the motorsport ranks closely together, most recently being teammates in Formula 3 in 2020 at Prema Racing. Piastri made note of their close friendship as they climbed up the motorsport ladder last year, sharing a picture of the pair as juniors on his Instagram as Sargeant prepared for his first home race in Miami.

However, it seems the bromance has diminished slightly since the pair entered the sport last year, as the rigours and demands of their busy schedules have meant less time for catch-ups and fun off the track.

(Photo by Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images)

“I think if anything we probably talk less,” Sargeant told The Roar when asked if their bromance had gotten stronger since their promotion into F1.

“You get to the F1 paddock and you’re so busy…you don’t really have much time to talk to people. We’re here from morning to night working within the team trying to extract every hundredth and that doesn’t leave much time for friends.”

And while that may seem like doom and gloom when it comes to the future of ‘Loscar’, Sargeant does admit that they still do make the time to hang out when they can.

“We still do every once in a while,” he said. “We played paddle in Bahrain and you know, here and there of course. We see each other at the airport, stuff like that. But realistically it’s not really possible in a race weekend.”

Speaking on the Thursday ahead of all the drama that followed, Sargeant told The Roar that entering his second year in Formula 1 he was feeling in much better shape after his first full season in 2023.

“I’m definitely physically in a good condition,” he said. “Of course, second year, you’re always going to feel stronger than you were in the first as you’ve had a season to sort of build on that. So yeah, I’m feeling strong.”

“Melbourne’s quite early in the season. So you’re still quite fresh. But of course, the hardest bit is now maintaining that over the course of a year. And yeah, I’m trying to put some measures in place to do a little bit better keeping weight on than I did last year.”

This article was originally written for The Roar. You can read the published version here


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