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Writers Block 1.0

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Ah blogging.

You open up a screen, you type some words. You have entire world at your disposal and your head filled with thoughts to be able to write an entertaining post that captures your audience to gauge just what you want to say.

But then it happens


This isn’t a good image

You open up your screen.

You start to type.

And nothing comes out.

Writers block. It has happened.


An artists impression of me trying to write a blog post

It’s funny, I’ve never been one to really have writers block. I mean, I’ve spent most my career speaking in front of a microphone so I guess you could just call that speakers block for the most part. Or usually I just dribble crap that most people don’t want to hear but hey, that’s the main part of my shows for the most part. So when it has come to writing, I usually write because I have something to say. Or type…well, you get the point.

But now, when I get a chance to sit down at my laptop, place my delicate fingers on the soft keys, nothing wants to come out. Nothing at all.

Frustration. Pure frustration.

I’ve moved since my last post. Could I not talk about the differences in living in a northern state in Australia compared to the small plucky island paradise that is Tasmania?


Proof that moving has made me meet new people

How about spending a large portion of my time reviewing Oscar nominees and for the first time in my life watched all the Best Picture nominees ahead of an Oscars ceremony. Could I not talk about that?

Or perhaps the struggles involved in applying for work visas overseas and praying to a higher power that isn’t necessarily religious but associated with a maple leaf, poutine and a far too attractive political leader to which my country has a weird obsession with his rear end that it gets accepted within the next 7 days. That’s an easy thing to write about, right?


I don’t swing that way, but that’s one nice bum

Apparently not. Apparently all of those things don’t warrant an entry. Instead what warrants an entry is an entry about me not being able to find the meaning within my brain to put together a proper entry. That has somehow worked it seems.

So moving forward is this what I need to expect more of? This writers block to continue? Or can I somehow find it within myself to write something more entertaining.

As of this moment, I’m hopeful that will change in the not too distant future.

As hopeful as I was at the moment I clicked on a new entry to write this.

The only way is up…

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