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Round 6 F1 driver power rankings: Alonso peaks ahead of homecoming

Ah, F1. The sport we love. And love to analyse! So once again I’m back to bring you my post-race power rankings to really keep the discussion in the sport flowing!

As always with any power rankings, these are subjective and based purely on opinion mixed with results. Are these 100 per cent accurate? Inside my mind, yes!

Outside of it, no. But it’s a nice way to spark some discussion, showcase some form and allow a conversation that brings F1 fans closer together – and maybe also further apart at the same time.

Fun right? Always!

Rather than rank all 20 drivers on the grid, I have made it more streamlined and easier by simply bringing the top 10 drivers.

As always this means that some drivers drop out, and a couple have jumped in after my last rankings.

You can also check out my team power rankings too for a similar analysis.

Let’s get to it.

10. Lance Stroll (-3)

As always I hate dropping him but it wasn’t the best weekend for Lance. A strong Saturday was looming for him with a great result in FP3 and then in Q1. However damage to his floor in Q2 cost him a shot at Q3 which then all but ruined his chances in the race. Expect him to bounce back big time in Spain.

(Photo by Italy 24 Press News)

9. Yuki Tsunoda (-1)

His top 11 streak came to an end but you can blame the rain for that. Was on for solid points after qualifying in the top 10 but it all fell apart for him at the end.

8. Carlos Sainz Jr (+1)

Another invisible race and weekend for Carlos but could’ve easily been on the podium had it not been for a bad strategy call by Ferrari and a bit of wayward driving from him.

7. Esteban Ocon (new)

Perhaps his best ever weekend in F1. Amazing on Saturday. Amazing on Sunday. A truly deserved podium. Let’s hope for more in the coming races.

6. George Russell (-2)

See Carlos Sainz Jr. Didn’t really do much all weekend, but gets the spot here as he didn’t hit anyone like Carlos did. Drops because others improved.

5. Charles Leclerc (+1)

Always shows potential at his home race and always has bad luck follow him. It’s a shame, as he is driving the wheels of that car. But doing the best he can right now is the best he can ask for.

(Photo by

4. Lewis Hamilton (+1)

Similar to Charles above. Did nothing wrong, loves Monaco and finished a solid fourth. He was actually quite happy after the race too, meaning potentially this car is better than we think and Spain will be a good one for him. Watch this space.

3. Sergio Perez (-1)

Easily his worst weekend of the year. Crashed on Saturday. Nowhere on Sunday. A weekend to forget for the Mexican. Has enough clout from previous races to not drop him too significantly.

2. Fernando Alonso (+1)

Should’ve been on pole on Saturday and then could’ve built from that on the Sunday. But still an incredible weekend for Alonso that showcases just how great he still is at his age.

1. Max Verstappen (-)

That lap on Saturday will be shown for many more years to come. Kept his composure on race day despite a few barrier nudges to romp to the victory. Simply unstoppable at the moment.

What do you think of these rankings? Do you agree with the positions? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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