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Good Riddance Game Of Thrones

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

So Game of Thrones is about to end.

How sad.

Everyone around the world is seemingly giddy with excitement over how it’ll all wrap up, as well as being sad and disappointed that their favourite show is drawing to a close.

I for one actually couldn’t care less.

I’ve never seen an episode, nor do I plan on ever watching an episode.

Yup, I’m one of them.

Seemingly everyday since the show began I have been constantly told how amazing it is and how much I’m missing out.

“Oh Ben even if you don’t like that type of show you have to watch it. I don’t like that type of show either but I’ve been blown away.”

Please, it’s not like I haven’t heard that before with other shows.

I worked at Sanity for over five years and was told daily about shows that I hadn’t heard about and how much I was missing out.

Dexter. True Blood. Breaking Bad. All were shows I had no plans of ever watching until I finally caved and jumped on those bandwagon. And each time the people telling me how good they are were right. They were good. Bloody good in fact. And I am glad I watched all of them.

But not Game of Thrones.


Dexter was a good show…at least 90% of the time

For some reason I just have never felt the need to watch. Why would I? So I can see a dragon have sex with its sister? Or a overly buff man with tattoos turn into Aquaman and then cause controversy when he decides to shave off his facial hair?

If I want to see a flying mythical beast I’ll watch Pokemon. If I want to see creepy incest I’ll watch Nip/Tuck. And if I want to see epic action with massive plot twists that shock people every week I’ll watch 24. You know, that little show that started the whole craze of binge watching shows and throwing the TV book out the window with no character ever being safe?

And with such a firm decision, it seems as though there seemingly is some form of stigma against me for not having jumped on the bandwagon.

A stigma that has reached such a crescendo that it has the complete opposite effect of ever making me wanting to watch the show.

Of course that means that my conversation levels with some people apparently aren’t on the level they want it to be.

I can’t discuss with them the difference between Hodor and Jon Snow. Why Joffrey did that bad thing (or two) or why the King’s Landing fell.

Hell I can’t even tell you if winter is really coming, because that seems a moot point given it’s an annual seasonal occurrence we should all expect.

But again, I really don’t care.


Winter comes every year. People know that right?

So while I applaud those committed to watching their beloved Thrones have it’s final game in a few days time, I for one will gladly sit here off the rickety old bandwagon and enjoy my one chance to be full hipster and not buck into a trend for the sake of joining a trend.

Well, except for all those other trends I have joined in my life. But that’s a story for another day…

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