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Actor doin’ time in Tassie

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

THE star of TV comedies Housos and Fat Pizza, Paul Fenech said he loved Tasmania so much he had to force his bosses to let him bring his new film here.

The comedian said he would attend a screening of his latest project Dumb Criminals tomorrow night at Village Cinemas in Glenorchy and was excited to return.

“After Bogan Hunters, I fell in love with the people of Tassie,” he told the Mercury. “They are honest and genuine and really funny. I kicked and screamed until the bosses let me do a screening in the Apple Isle.”

Dumb Criminals tells the story of a crew of criminals who are recently out of prison and get together to attempt a series of incredibly dumb crimes.

All crimes in the film are based on real-life stories of criminal stupidity from around the world.

“I kept reading all these amazing dumb criminal stories from all over the world [and] I thought this is comedy gold, we have to make a movie out of this,” he said.

The film is being released using the “cinema on demand” model, which sees movies screened in selected locations at selected times to create more demand and support at cheaper prices.

“These days everybody wants everything on demand so I thought it would be great to try this style of movie experience,” he said. “Lots of people, especially the people who have supported me the most are doing it tough so I thought I’d try my best to make seeing my movie affordable.”

Fenech will be at the screening from 6.30pm with cast member Kevin Taumata and will meet fans afterwards.

This article was originally written for The Mercury

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