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Top 2 Saudi Arabian Grands Prix

Well I’m back to rank the best Grands Prix before each race of the 2023 season. And while I usually bring you the top 5 in each races history, it’s a bit tricky to do so this round given the incredibly short history of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

But I always like a challenge. So today will be nice and simple. Instead of the top 5, we have the top 2! Easy right? Absolutely.

So let’s get to ranking both the races at a track that is actually a fun one for the modern street circuits.

2. 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - Winner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

The second Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was moved to the beginning of the year after the first was at the end of 2021, meaning we had the first two ever races at Jeddah within four months of each other. The race was questioned if it would even go ahead after missile strikes near the circuit in the days leading up to the race caused concern amongst the drivers. However with the issue sorted, the race went ahead, and we were witness to a titanic DRS battle between Max Verstappen’s Red Bull and Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari. Verstappen would ultimately come out on top to claim his first win of the season, although his antics behind the safety car in which he drove aggressively side-by-side with Leclerc would see such moves being banned by the FIA in the future.

1. 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - Winner: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

An amazing debut race at Jeddah was summed up by two red flags, four virtual safety cars and one full safety car as well as the controversy around Hamilton and Verstappen. For the third time in 2021, the pair had collided, this time in quite a bizarre incident. Verstappen had overtaken Hamilton illegally on lap 37 and was ordered to give the place back to Hamilton. Verstappen then decided to do so before a DRS zone to allow him to gain the advantage back to then hope to re-overtake Hamilton shortly after. However Hamilton was not told this was set to happen and collided into the back of Verstappen in what many people claimed was a deliberate move by the Dutchman. The incident gave Verstappen a 10 second penalty as he finished in second behind Hamilton, setting up a final showdown at Abu Dhabi in which the drivers would go into it level on points. But we won’t talk about that race right now…

Do you agree with this list? Which Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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